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May 24, 2013. Secularism is the main guarantee to stop the religious wars.


Terrorism is spreading because of some people indoctrinated to become extremists on behalf of certain conceptions of religions.

There are also civil wars between communities groups, because of religious fanaticism. Intransigent and extremist Groups are formed because their exploiting of religious doctrines. It becomes impossible to reconcile non-democratic people who end up killing each other.

The secular state, laws and public services, appeared through the centuries and modernization of societies as a prerequisite to democracy to unite people in peace while respecting everyone's non-aggressive beliefs.

In the West, people who supported wars until the Second World War have finally establish secular democratic systems that have stabilized the peace between them.

Unfortunately, we have seen multiple wars in the Third World, Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. The main cause of these wars is the absence of secular democratic culture among these peoples. There are religious sects that want to impose by force some religious laws into the State ruling and in public services. The diversity of religious sects in the same area leads to civil war between these people.

It is the religious racism that maintains the repeated wars between the Israelis and Palestinians.

It is the religious fanaticism of a portion of the population of the Arab world that is about to derail the Arab democratic revolutions.

It is the religious sectarian racism between Shiites and Sunnis that is about to divide the Middle East into two clans which are clashing in Yemen, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.

It is the absence of secularism in the laws in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, which is leaving these countries in unstable situations.

The rich Arab Gulf countries and Saudi Arabia maintaining security by financial and military means can not escape troubles if they refuse to pass to new secular regimes.

In Lebanon, the maintenance of mistrust between people of different religions and faiths and the emergence of armed religious parties like Hezbollah, eventually derail the Lebanese State despite attempting secular form fore half century.

What can justify the tyrannical regime of Bashar ASSAD, to be supported militarily by the young Lebanese Shiite religious party Hezbollah, and Iran's Shiite regime, otherwise than because of a sectarian religious and stupid doctrine that blinded people's minds?

What can motivate young fanatics of religion to go get killed in another country or make indiscriminate terrorist attacks other than their beliefs to impose their religious laws by force onto others?

When people majority get to understand that secular democracy into the State and its laws without any religious interference is essential for peace, the world will be in peace and prosperity.


WTDO, World Transparent Democracy Organization